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Most of the holiday clubs we have created and managed over the years are now fully subscribed however, we are considering the formation of a new club: The Winter Sun Club - designed with the holiday or residential park home owner (with restricted open season) in mind, although could be a great 'vehicle' for holiday-makers who enjoy a month or two (or more) away from the winter-weather in the UK.

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You will find lots of good-value holiday accommodation and travel offers on the website, both ourselves and direct associates/partners use our best endeavours to find the best deals on the market for our clients and prospective clients, always keeping in mind the quality~v~cost of the product or service.

With regard to our [affiliate] partners, we endeavour to deal only with established and secure providers; the objective being to always have available, an up-to-date and full range of holiday & travel services - from economy thro' to four and five star+.
The seasoned, independent traveller, can 'have a ball' on our website. The new-to-the-game [independent] holidaymaker can obtain advice and assistance without leaving their home and reserve or book some great holiday deals from leading providers. Our own direct deals are also worth looking at !

Just a final note, to our clients on-line at the moment: yes, our activities have been reduced somewhat, following the recent retirement/semi-retirement(s) but we aim to maintain the personal service you're used to.

We are going to ask webpageharry to do a complete overhaul of the site and in the meantime, please enjoy the 'emporium' experience and don't forget to visit the Club House.


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Just type gjh algarve in your search box and you’ll find us pretty quickly.

* PLEASE NOTE: many changes to all sites due - 2016/17

The website [] was created in 2003, following 16 active years [in tourism] in the Algarve region of Portugal. It was done primarily for the benefit of our English speaking clients - mainly UK based - direct rental clients, members of our holiday clubs, owners of timesharing rights and fractional titles, and independent travellers in general.

Creator of our website: webpageharry, as we like to call him (his name isn’t Harry, or Bob or Dave ...) didn’t have much idea about HTML and suchlike back in 2003, but he did like to doodle and produce graphic images so, the web site does contain quite a lot of graphics along with graphic text, rather than the preferred html text which can be identified by search engines.

During the years gone-by and after reading some useful books, webpageharry has introduced some html and a few snazzy items to improve the reader experience however, the website remains a mismatch of ideas and technically-challenged content, probably frowned upon by the slicker website creators of today.

But we don’t really care because webpageharry is a loyal and willing sort and he is learning. Who knows ! one day we may end-up with a really superb website.
Currently, many of our clients like to refer to it [the website] as ‘the emporium’.....

... maybe, the reason for this [description] is that over the years we have introduced a variety of content, related to the other activities and interests of our associates; ie. the associates who have worked with us for many years in our principal activites of holidays, travel and leisure.

If you like to travel and want to make the best of your holiday resources, you will find something worthwhile on our website.

Should you care to trawl the webpages, you’ll find a wide range of products and services to help you keep within your holiday and/or travel budget: flight seats, car hire (an excellent resource), travel insurance, airport transfer, holiday accommodation of all styles and prices ~ villas with pools, fully equipped apartments, hotels and resorts of good quality - not just in Algarve or the rest of Portugal but also many desirable holiday locations worldwide. You'll find links on this page to most of the products/services referred to above and below.

It’s quite possible to pick-and-choose without leaving our website and arrange every aspect of your holiday, wherever you choose to roam. We can even assist you with your choice of holiday destination within Portugal and other countries - at least point you in the right direction !
Should you find the task hard-going or you simply don’t have the time, we could make arrangements on your behalf for most 'holiday items and things' - just ask.
It’s true, arranging holidays can be a harrowing experience, especially for families. Let’s face it, you don’t arrange holidays every day and whilst “that’s what travel agents are for”, that route is not everyone’s cup-of-tea.

Hols are all about fun-in-the-sun or a relaxing [wind-down] break from routine, or a bit of both. Unfortunately, it often doesn’t work out that way so it’s important to try and cover all eventualities, in addition to getting the best deals in the marketplace.

Holidays can bring out the best in people, the warmth of the sun, a refreshing change of surroundings and culture, a time to reflect, to think things through, returning home refreshed and ready-to-go.
They [holidays] can also bring out the worst in people, the stress of arranging everything, the preparations; the journey itself can create problems for some people - so take it easy, plan things well in advance and get some advice when you need it, don't leave things to chance (unless you're good at that sort of thing).

Timesharing and fractional ownership has been part of our travel and leisure activities for many years however, since the retirement of one of our valued associates and the semi-retirement of another, a new website was recently created (although we've owned the domain name for several years) and adjusted the available services to fit-in with the new arrangements. As a consequence, full-sales-agency-terms are no longer available; instead,, now offer sellers, buyers and renters of timeshare weeks and fractional periods a truly personal service, to assist in the sale or rent of units. Find the algarvetimeshare button [to your left] and click to view more information.

As already mentioned, we've taken an eclectic approach to the content of the website, including: webpage/site design and graphics (good old webpageharry), the perfect gift (art and craft), blog-style - auction, shopping and chocolate (sites), mobile-websites (get one ! you don't need to own a business or an existing website to own your [personal] mobile-website) antiques (retail), to name just a few, along with links to our QuickLinks and QuickLinkMe pages - more things to explore, if you wish.

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